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About Us

XEON Waste Managers are a team of systematic enthusiasts, driving one of the most powerful expeditions in present times – that of converting waste energy to biogas through appropriate waste-treatment, thereby conserving nature.

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EnergyBinTM is multi-stage digestion system that converts bio-degradable waste into bio energy. This includes conversion of solid/wet bio-degradable wastes like food, industrial, animal and human waste into clean bio-gas,

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What is Waste?

Not really!!! The garbage that lands in your bin is potentially a source of energy. Most of the food-waste has the ability to decompose and this is what makes them useful. Such waste is called biodegradable waste.

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What happens when someone wastes potential energy source:


Now, is that SMART? Why not? You have been doing that every single day? Every dry waste that is mixed up with the wet waste steals money from your pocket.  

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